Horace Champagne – A Man and His Pastels


Enter the colorful world of Canadian pastel master Horace Champagne. Discover more than 100 landscapes sketched during his numerous travels across Canada, the United States and Europe in a magnificent tribute to this talented artist.

Backcover text : The reputation of master pastellist Horace Champagne is unquestionable and requires no introduction. He is a most talented and accomplished landscape painter who has produced thousands of pastels that have brought him international fame over the years. For this book, he agreed to undertake the rather tedious task of selecting more than a hundred paintings, each of them being as breathtaking as the other. You are invited to dive into the fascinating world of this man who carries the passion and the art of pastel in his soul. Discover Horace Champagne, a man and his pastels.

Biography excerpt:
« Horace Champagne was born in 1937 in Montreal where he lived most of his youth. He grew up in the heart of the bustling metropolis, right after the Great Depression hard years, while spending his vacations in the Laurentians where he discovered the wonders of its colorful nature. Young Horace and his wagon roamed the streets as much as wilderness trails to collect all kinds of objects, sharpening his curiosity and sense of observation. On the walls of the family home, there were paintings by his maternal grandfather, Charles Ernest De Belle, an Hungarian naturalized Canadian artist, known at that time for his dream-like portraits a subject well suited for the medium pastel. It was only much later that he realized that his grandfather mainly used pastel as a medium. Unfortunately, he never had a chance to know him, since he died when Horace was just two years old. »


Mont Hungabee, 16 x 20″ © Horace Champagne Horace Champagne (on the right), during the book launch, in Montréal, in 2015, with multidisciplinary artist Jean Letarte (left) and the author, Patrice Landry (center).

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