Charles took a step back, exhaled and shook his head:

“Now, I suggest you shut up and enjoy your last seconds, miss Marshall. I’m not here to discuss anything with you.”

“Ah, then, it’s true. You’re a gun-for-hire! Just tell me who sent you. It will not make any difference, right?”

He sighted, quickly scanning the premises. The parking was empty for now but anyone could drive in or out, and time, in his business, is vital. So, he shook his head and straighten his aim. Somehow, though, he was not able to shoot. There was something strange in the way she looked at him. Nothing erotic but somehow enchanting. Her eyes glittered. And that smile of hers just terrified him.

“Well, then,” she said, looking more amused than on the verge of crying or implying, “better prepared to face the consequences. You are committing a grave mistake, mister.”

“Why don’t you just shut your blabbering mouth, lady? Why are making this so darn complicated?”

“Nothing is complicated, my dear. Just press the trigger and we’re done. Press it or leave me alone. I’m tired and I need to recharge!”

She waited patiently, seeing the guy slowly falling apart. He was not going to do it. She has won again. She slowly brought up her left hand and encircled the barrel with her long fingers, pushing it away from her face.

“Now, darling, you will go home and take a cold beer. Relax. Enjoy the moment. Then, you will call whomever hired you and tell him that you did not find me. Ask him if he wants his money back. If he insists that you should carry on your business, then tell him that you can’t do it. You should try to do finance scams instead of shooting people in the face, sweetie. It’s far less messy and you can easily triple the money in your bank account.”

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