2_You better watch out

« Things can get messy when you meet Miss Marshall. »

Todd Gerrald stood in front of his client, a tall businessman in his fifties, a poker face sculpt in steel, tanned but wrinkle free. He wore a three-piece suit that looked like a fashion ad taken from the sixties. He was so sure of himself that it always put his interlocutor in a scary mode where, just like a shark can suddenly splash out of the calm waters, he looked like he was going to open a trap at your feet if you were to displease him at any level.

That is how everybody felt in front of Donald E. Sterling, chief executive officer of DESART. This conversation took place at the penthouse of the richest man in the industry of robots and androids founded 25 years ago by two losers that soon had to sell their business to this sturdy consultant that stole everything from them, from the small napkins on which their original ideas has been sketched, hidden in the vault of their basement to the latest discovery that turned out to be the most wanted technology worldwide. To this year, nobody has any idea who are these two nerds that now sell intelligent devices in some suburban Chinese village.

Don Sterling, also know as iFrankie, took a few steps toward Gerrald and stopped in from of the man who suddenly felt like sixty years old.

« Not that I haven’t warned you, Todd. Remember. »

« But, Sir, the guy was… »

« I know, I know. Sadly enough, I shall say, the man did not deserve that. But, he was a killer, right. He was paid to take the risks. That was one of them. Not the least, I admit, but it goes with the job, I guess. »

« And the money? » asked Gerrald, his mouth suddenly dry and shaky.

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